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Paint correction

Machine Polishing done correctly

Paint correction is a term used in the car detailing industry to describe the process of restoring vehicle paintwork, this is done via machine polishing.

Defects in the paintwork such as, swirl marks, scratches, etching and marring, will ruin the appearance of your paintwork. These are removed using machine polishing techniques and in turn provide better clarity, gloss and depth of colour in your vehicles paintwork.

Paint Correction is a well recommended service for both brand new cars and second hand cars. The sad truth being that even brand new cars from the showroom will have some form of paint defects in the paintwork, most commonly caused by improper washing techniques.

Depending on the paintworks condition, there are commonly 2 types of machine polishing services.

Single Stage - Using one pad, one compound combo, this will remove around 60-70% of light defects such as swirl marks, peerfect for newer cars or those wishing for enhanced gloss.

Multi Stage - Using a variety of different pads and polishes, this will remove around 95% of removable defects, with even wet sanding being utilised if required, suited for those cars with poor paintwork or wanting paintwork perfection.

We respect everyones requirements are different and vehicles paintwork will vary. If you have any questions about paint correction, get in touch with us.

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