Keep That Detailed Look


Maintenance Detailing

With our regular maintenance detail packages, we can ensure that your car looks its best all year round, we can design a bespoke package to meet your needs.

Safe Wash

The Safe Wash is the staple on which all our detailing packages are built on. This ensures that the risk of installing defects such as swirl marks is drastically reduced.

Keeping your car looking its best relies on carrying out this procedure. Beginning with a ph neutral snow foam pre-wash to soften dirt, then following up with a two bucket method contact wash, before finally being dried. If any form of paint protection has been applied, this will be topped up the the relavent product.

All of our services will include our safe wash as standard.


We understand how busy life can be, and that keeping your car in pristine condition isnt always a priority.

This is why we offer a maintenance service for all vehicles detailed by ourselves. We will do what ever is necessary to bring your vehicle back to tip top shape. Any protective coatings or sealants applied are topped up, exterior kept glossy and your interior kept comfortable and smelling great all year round.

We will work with you and your requirements as to what is needed to be done to restore your cars luster like before.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Ceramic Coatings are execeptionally durable in their own right, however as with all things they need to be maintained.

At times coatings can become clogged and may seem as though it has diminished. Our ceramic maintenance service will ensure your vehicles coating is performing as it should and to take steps to ensure it keeps perfoming that way.

This is normally done on a 6 month basis, as is recommended by our ceramic coatings that we use, but can be incorparated into a monthly care plan.
All of our products we use can also be bought through ourselves or the Garage Therapy online store, if you wish to carry out your own detailing, it is highly recommended to use the same products as the protection applied.