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Machine Polishing, also known as paint correction, is a process that looks to remove defects such as swirl marks, hedge scratches, faded paint, and holograms from vehicle paintwork, as well as drastically enhance gloss, clarity and depth of colour, often returning your car to better than new condition.

This is much more than a "machine buff" or "mop" which is often rushed and done poorly, resulting in poor results and even damage.

We offer two types of paint correction services, Enhancement & Correction.

All of our paint correction services include the following...

  • Exterior Deep Clean
  • Paintwork Decontamination
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Paint Sealant applied to paintwork

We also have a plethora of upgrades that can be added on to these services and highly recommend looking at our ceramic coating options for the ultimate solution in paint protection and easy maintenance!

Enhancement Detail

From £250

Our Enhancement Detail focuses on enhancing gloss by the way of a single stage machine polish, a process using a single polishing pad and compound combo to drastically enhance the gloss in your vehicles paintwork, a protective sealant will also be applied to provide some short term protection. This service can also remove defects such as swirl marks, holograms and wash marring, with around 60% total defect removal being achievable.

Correction Detail

From £500

Our Correction Detail kicks things up a notch. This service will look at unlocking your vehicles true beauty by carrying out multiple stages of machine polishing, using a variety of compounds and polishing pad types to deliver a truly flawless finish. The main aim is to leave your paintwork as defect free as possible, with the aim to remove up to 90% of paint defects such as heavy swirl marks, scratches, oxidised paint and sanding marks.

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