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Keeping your car protected

Ceramic Coatings are a chemical that is applied to exterior surfaces of your vehicle to provide protection against the elements.

Ceramic coatings bond to your vehicles existing paintwork, forming a hydrophobic layer of clear protection. In theory adding another layer to your vehicles exterior, shielding the factory paintwork from damage.

In terms of protection, it wont provide a physical protective barrier like PPF (Paint Protection Film) but instead prevent dirt, grime, swirls and chemical marring from appearing on the paint and ruining the clear coat and make cleaning much easier.

ceramic coating
ceramic coating providing some great protection after valeting and detailing

What is a ceramic coating?

When buying a brand new or even second hand car, you may have already heard or been offered a "lifetime" paint protection package or ceramic coating.

The unfourtunate truth is, these products pale in comparison to a true professional ceramic coating in both functionality and performance, only used as a marketing avenue.

These coatings are often made out of sythentic polymers or carnuba, that will offer short term protection. Ceramic coatings are most often made from SIO2 (Silicon Dioxide) a much more
resilient chemical, that once cured, offers superior hydrophobic properties, UV protection, and chemical resistance that will last years rather than months.

Once applied, you will find dirt and grime will struggle to latch to your vehicles paintwork, resulting in it being cleaner for longer and when time to clean, make the process much simpler.

Is it only brand new cars than can be ceramic coated?

NO! Is the answer

Any car can recieve a ceramic coating, whether its the family run around, company car, or a vintage classic.

The only differences may be the level of preparation required, a form of paint correction is needed before application of a ceramic coating. Even brand new cars from factory will benefit from a form of paint correction as often there are defects lying in the paintwork from poor washing techniques.

ceramic coating providing some great protection after valeting and detailing

What coatings do we use?

Our studio is a Garage Therapy Professional Centre. As a accredited GT Detailer , we are accredited to use all of Garage Therapys incredible range of ceramic coatings. We use Garage Therapys products to clean, prepare and finish our customers cars and also stock the range of GT car care products in our shop, helping our clients to achieve professional results at home. We give ongoing product advice and support to all our customers.

Garage Therapy make high quality professional grade ceramic coatings which deliver deep gloss, excellent UV and chemical resistance and being very hydrophopbic, make washing and maintaining your car a dream.

ceramic coating providing some great protection after valeting and detailing


This is hands down our finest coating. It is thicker and glossier than any other coating we have ever used.

The extra visual depth, clarity and colourshift (richness of colour) that this coating adds is simply spectacular.

​Typhon is a high solids, ultra durable hydrophobic coating and at around 50% thicker than most ceramic coatings, it provides increased resistance against UV rays, acid rain, salts, chemicals and bird droppings.

Typhon's highly reflective surface enables you to maintain your vehicles paintwork much more effieciently, saving you time and keeping the appearanceof the vehicle cleaner for longer against the rigors of the envoronment.

Simply put, Typhon looks incredible, lasts for years and makes your car easy to look after while retaining a deep gloss finish. If you want the very best, then this is the coating for you.

Typhon can be applied as a single or double layer, and can be combined with base coat Gaia for the ultimate protection and/or topped with Chimera for a super-slick finish.

Typhon lasts up to 5 years from a single application.
ceramic coating
ceramic coating providing some great protection after valeting and detailing


This is a revolutionary ceramic coating unlike any other currently available on the market. It is a high solids, super durable non-hydrophobic coating. This coating provides a hard base layer, on top of which any other form of protection can be applied - from waxes to the full range of GT ceramic coatings.

​Each layer of this coating adds a micron of thickness to your vehicles paint and can be layered as much as you want. with each layer adding incredible visual clarity, gloss and depth. This coating lasts up to 7 years and provides the perfect base for Typhon or Cerberus coatings to give maximum gloss and protection.

​We sometimes see cars whose paint is too thin to safely machine polish to remove defects and swirls and this coating can help to add to the depth of paint. For car care enthusiats who enjoy waxing their own car, Gaia is a perfect base, giving depth and clarity to your vehicles paint, but due to being non-hydrophobic waxes can be applied to this coating time and time again.


This is a fantastic coating, combining deep gloss and slickness with easy maintenance and excellent hydrophobic properties. It is a 2 layer coating which lasts up to 3 years.

​Cerberus is a very versatile ceramic coating and is suitable for use on both matte and gloss paint. It also performs really well on vinyl and plastics.

ceramic coating

Extra coatings

On top of the market leading paint coatings we offer, we also have a range of additional coatings designed for various other surfaces on your vehicle, these have been formulated to provide the best performance and protection in their determined roles


Hades is a highly resilient and durable hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive alloy wheels and is based on the very latest Quartz Nano-Coating Technology. When applied, it forms a hard crystalline layer that is extremely resistant to heat and abrasion from brake dust particles but also highly resistant to chemical attack. ​ By forming strong covalent bonds to the surface, Hades forms a hard slick layer that enhances gloss and self cleaning characteristics thus accelerating the wheel cleaning process. As a result, Hades is the ideal coating for protecting components like brake calipers, suspension, exhaust and engine components.
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a highly durable and flexible ceramic coating based on the very latest innovations in nano technology for your vehicles Paint Protection Film, Vinyl and Paintwork. Orthrus has been designed to protect vehicle surfaces from three key causes that can degrade visual condition, UV, chemical agents and fine scratches. The highly reactive chemistry forms an exceptionally strong flexible film to surfaces it is applied to. Orthrus provides an incredible high gloss finish that is extremely hydrophobic and durable ceramic layer guarding against UV rays, heat and corrosion for up to 2 years of protection, whilst also promoting outstanding slickness and self-cleaning characteristics.
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Chimera is a hydrophobic polymeric coating that can be used as a stand-alone sealant or as a Top Coat to the our ceramic coatings range. Chimera provides a hydrophobic and slick layer that enhances gloss and self cleaning characteristics whilst also increasing chemical protection and water spot resistance. Chimera is formulated to form a strong film across the surface that feeds and rejuvenates the hydrophobics lost by ceramic coatings over time.
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