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Giving an exact price for any service without inspecting a car first can be difficult. Not all cars are created equal and detailing a car to a high standard is time consuming. There are many factors which can affect how long a job will take and in some cases certain issues do not present themselves immediately or are not visible at first inspection.

We offer a free, no obligation inspection and quotation service, so we can look at the car together, discuss what's involved and make a plan on the best course of action to get your car looking the way you want. We will give you a quote based on the usual amount of time/products it takes to complete a service. We usually give a spread of prices when quoting, i.e. a minimum/maximum price so you know how much it is likely to cost.

The prices in the chart below are based on the usual amount of time/products required to complete a job. Please note that the size and condition of your vehicle can greatly affect the cost of any service.

Valeting Services

Safe Wash
From £45.00
Entry Valet
From £70.00
Pro Valet
From £140.00
Pro Valet Plus
From £160.00

Ceramic Coatings

*Price excludes machine polishing
GT Orthrus 2 Year Coating
GT Cerberus 3 Year Coating
GT Typhon V2 5 Year Coating
GT Gaia 7 Year Coating
GT Hades Wheel Coating
Faces £110 Wheels Off £220

Detailing Services

Gloss Enhancement
From £115.00
Advanced Enhancement
From £225.00
Correction Detail
From £450.00

Extra Services

Soft Top Restoration
Headlight Restoration
Pair £58.00
Sign/Vinyl Removal
Engine Bay Detail
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