New Car Detail

Service Summary

  • Wheel arches pressure-washed

  • Wheels cleaned using a pH-neutral wheel cleaner

  • Tyres cleaned with a dedicated rubber cleaner

  • Prewash and snow foam soak

  • Paintwork washed using 2 bucket method

  • Chemical decontamination - Iron fallout and tar deposits removed

  • Physical decontamination - Clay bar used to remove bonded contaminates

  • Snowfoam soak to remove left over chemicals

  • Vehicle safely dried using air and soft microfibre towels

  • Paint depth readings taken

  • Single stage machine polish

  • Paintwork and surfaces wiped down with panel wipe

  • Choice of coating applied to paintwork, wheels and glass

  • Interior wiped down

  • Interior vacuumed

  • Tyres dressed


Recommended For

Brand New Cars
Cars <1 Year

Protection Applied

Paintwork Coating
Wheel Coating
Glass Coating

Coating Options

1 Year Ceramic Coating
2 Year Ceramic Coating
3 Year Ceramic Coating
5 Year Ceramic Coating
5 Year Graphene Coating

1 Year Wheel Coating
3 Year Wheel Coating
5 Year Wheel Coating

2 Year Glass Coating

Fabric Coating
Leather Coating

Does a new car need detailing?

In the perfect world, you would expect the answer to be a big no. Unfourtunetly this is quite foten not the case. Most new cars will greatly benefit for a new car detail for the following reasons.


Even though a car may be new, it is almost guaranteed it has been in below par storage or kept outside before being united with its new owner. This may be over manner of weeks or even months, and then be transported to a dealership where it can remain for longer. This can result in this new car being covered in dirt, dust and water spots, and with it not having any protection applied at this point, we advise to get these contaminants off as soon as possible.


As well as general dirt, other contaminants are likely to bond to your vehicles paintwork whilst sitting in a storage yard or dealership. These contaminants come from both natural and man made sources, the most common ones are iron fallout , tree sap and bird droppings. Prime example of iron fallout build up is due to many storage yards being near railroad tracks that house alot of iron fallout and when ran over will lead to it landing on your vehicle. These contaminants bond to the paintwork and need specialist chemicals to remove, that normal washing cant do.

Paint Condition

As disccused above, a new car will get dirty but surely that means that the paint is flawless? This is more often than not very wrong. Upon collecting your vehicle you will likely find swirl marks and marring in the paintwork, this is caused by poor washing technique, often caused by dealership valeting teams who often havent got the time or proper equipment on hand to clean the vehicle with a dedicated safe wash procedure. It is also common for new cars to recieve small knocks and dings during the transport phase and are likely given smart repairs to cover these up.


Perhaps the most important reason to get your new car detailed is to add some protection. Buying a new car is perhaps the second highest investment a person can make, just behind buying a house, so it makes sense to ensure this investment maintains its appearance and value. You may be offered an in house dealership coating, do not feel pressured into these coatings for a number of reasons. 1) These coatings are poor quality and will not last the lifetime quoted, a matter of weeks maybe. 2) Like we mentioned before, in house valeting teams dont have the time or equipment on hand, leading to poor prep and application of these coatings, we have even heard reports of them not being applied at all and just ticked off. 3) We have on offer a range of professional level coatings, made from the ground up by chemists, that have been tested and proved to last far longer and be far durable.


Having your new car detailed will only help to maintain its value, having a professional coating applied will take the stress of cleaning away by making the cleaning process much simpler and quicker. We will recommend the best products and ensure you have the correct knowledge to look after your vehicle and achieve that detailed look everytime. We even offer a maintenance detail so you dont have to worry ever again.

Is ceramic coating a new car really worth it?

YES!! As we previously mentioned, buying a new car is a big investment, second to only buying a house. That new car feeling is one that is difficult to beat and having a car ceramic coated will only help maintain that feeling and make it last for years to come. We offer a fantastic range of different coatings, from consumer level 1 and 2 year coatings, to accredited only, professional coatings that can last up to 3 and 5 years.

Having your car coated will also make maintaining the finish a breeze, with quite often only a safe wash needed, so you can spend more time admiring and driving and less time cleaning. We breakdown the full process with you, installing the knowledge for you to look after your investment.
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  • Four Cross Units
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